Quarta-feira, 23 de Setembro de 2020



Rafael Bispo


36 years old - Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil - MARRIED – ONE SON( BOY - 3 YEAR OLD)


GRADUATION – Licensed in  Physical Education (UFRJ/2005)  -  Specialization in Sports Training(UFRJ/2007 - not-completed)   - English (advanced level)



-ESTEGHLAL KHUZESTAN FC/ IRANPhysical coach. Pro level.Persian Gulf Pro League. 2015-16 ( LEAGUE CHAMPIONS).

-ESPÍRITO SANTO FC – Physical coach. Pro level. Espírito Santo State League Level B. 2015.

-CACHOEIRO FC/ES –Physical coach. Pro level. ES Cup. 2014. 

-MADUREIRA EC/ RJ -  Physical Coach. U-13 level. Rio de Janeiro State League. 2014.

-CACERENSE EC/ MT -  Physical Coach/ Assistant coach. Mato Grosso State League. 2014.

-REAL NOROESTE CFC/ES –  Physical Coach Pro level/ U-17 and U-20 levels  Physical Training coordinator. ES Cup Espírito  Santo State League. 2013.

-ESTRELA DO NORTE FC/ ES -  Physical Coach. Espírito Santo State League. 2013.

-ESAN UNITED FC/ THAILAND -  Physical Coach. Thai Premier League. 2013.

-REAL NOROESTE CFC/ES –  Physical Coach/ coordinator formation level. Espirito Santo State League. 2012.

-D. TREM CLUBE/AP  –  Physical Coach. Brazilian Cup, Brazilian  Championship and Amapá State league. 2012.

-CA TRICORDIANO/MG –  Physical Coach. Minas Gerais State League module II. Pro level (2012).

-AA SÃO MATEUS /ES –  Physical Coach . Brazilian National League Division D. Pro level.2011).

-ARTSUL FC – Physical Coach. Rio de Janeiro State League level B. Pro level.(2011).

-CE RIO BRANCO/RJ – Physical Coach. Rio de Janeiro State League level B. Pro level.(2010/2011).

-SAMPAIO CORRÊA FE /RJ – Physical Coach. Rio de Janeiro State league level B. Pro level.(2010).

-CA TAQUARITINGA/SP – Physical Coach. Paulista State League serie A2. Pro level.(2009/10).

-CARDOSO MOREIRA FC/RJ- Physical Coach. Rio de Janeiro State Carioca League level B. Pro level.(2009).

-BOAVISTA SC/RJ- Physical Coach. Rio de Janeiro State League serie A. Pro level.(2008/09).

-FLORESTA AC/RJ- Physical Coach. Rio de Janeiro State League serie B. Pro level.(2008).

-MADUREIRA EC/RJ-  Physical Coach/ Exercise physiology assistant coordinator. Amateur level.(2007/08).

-ESTRELA DO NORTE FC/ES – Physical Coach . Espírito Santo State League.SUB-20 Level.(2006).